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St. Vincent Ferrer Parish encourages each parish family to form a consistent approach to parish financial support to ensure the long-term mission of the parish.  We concentrate on involving people in a process of giving as discipleship, so our parish can plan for the future, and so that ultimately we work together to build the Kingdom of God.  Our parish depends on … our support!

Giving to Saint Vincent Ferrer Parish strengthens our community and strengthens your relationship with God.  Start now – it’s easy and rewarding!  Options include …


Parish Envelopes

Call the parish office at (513) 791-9030 or send an email to and request a packet of SVF Parish envelopes.  You will receive a new packet every three months.  There is an envelope for the Sunday Collection each week.  There are additional envelopes for each special donation, such as Parish Debt Reduction, Holy Days, Christmas and Easter.  Place your donation in the envelope (cash or check) and drop it in the collection basket at Mass or send the envelope with your donation to the parish office.

Give On Line with WeShare (click to learn more)

Planned Giving (click to learn more)

Gift of Stock or Securities (click to learn more)

Memorial Gifts

A memorial gift is a contribution made in loving memory of the deceased. Memorial gift envelopes can be found in the parish office or at any entrance to the church, and may be designated to a particular St. Vincent Ferrer fund.  Please contact Fr. Japsers or Kathy Abele for more details at 791-9030.

Matching Gifts

Charitable gifts to St. Vincent Ferrer Parish or School provide much needed financial support for ongoing operations, curriculum and maintenance expenses – and they also tell us that you believe in our mission. Your employer may share those beliefs as well and match your gift so it may go twice as far. To find out if your company has a matching gift program, and to learn the specifics of requesting a match from your company, contact your personnel or HR office.

Make a Bequest

To make a gift to St. Vincent Ferrer from your estate, you must make your intentions clear in your will or trust.  To ensure that your intentions are carried out, your will or trust should be prepared in consultation with an attorney.  Bequests to St. Vincent Ferrer can include cash, securities, real estate, other specific property or a percentage of the residue of your estate.  There are tax and other advantages of making a charitable bequest.

Gifts of Property & Real Estate

Shares of stock, real estate or other specific property are very generous gifts that have lasting value to St. Vincent Ferrer.  If you sold an appreciated asset, you would ordinarily have to pay capital gains tax on the appreciated amount, considerably reducing your net gain from the sale.  If, however, you make a gift of an appreciated asset to St. Vincent Ferrer, you may be able to deduct the full fair market value of the property, including all appreciation.

Life Insurance & Retirement Accounts

An IRA account or a 401k account or life insurance that you no longer need is another way to give to our parish. For example, your children may be grown and the life insurance that was intended to provide education funds is no longer needed.  A gift of a life insurance policy makes a very good charitable gift. The gift can easily be made by naming St. Vincent Ferrer Parish as the beneficiary and/or owner of the policy or account (on forms provided by your insurance company).  Your gift will generate a charitable deduction to you and a valuable legacy of your appreciation to St. Vincent Ferrer Parish.

Charitable Remainder Trust

You may make a gift to St. Vincent Ferrer by irrevocably transferring securities, cash, real estate or other property to a trustee while retaining a lifetime income right.  The trustee manages the trust assets and pays an annuity to you, your designated beneficiaries or both.  The annuity payments can continue for your or the beneficiary’s life or, in some cases for a specific term of years.  The remaining trust principal goes to St. Vincent Ferrer in your name or in the name of someone you wish to honor.

Pooled Income Fund Gift

A pooled income fund or charitable annuity gift allows you to transfer cash, real estate or securities to St. Vincent Ferrer Parish, while also providing for your and your family’s future well being.  In exchange, you or someone else you designate will receive payments for life.


SVF School Donation

A donation made that specifies St. Vincent Ferrer School as the beneficiary ensures that the funds will be used to support the particular needs of our parish elementary school.


Labels for Education (click to learn more)

Since 1973, Labels for Education has been committed to helping America's families support education and schools. Collecting UPC's to exchange for tools and equipment that support youth based enrichment programs helps nurture children's lives through the arts, athletics, and academics. During this time, over $110 million worth of educational merchandise has been awarded to schools across the country.

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