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Use WeShare on the parish web site to ensure that St. Vincent Ferrer Parish receives your regular Sunday Collection gift and any other donation to SVF.  WeShare makes donations even more safe, convenient and reliable.  With WeShare there are no checks to write and nothing to mail.  Even if you don’t want to go on line, the parish office can take your information over the phone.  WeShare is quick, confidential, safe, and easy, and even saves your church time and money!

What is WeShare?

WeShare allows you to go on line at the parish web site to make a donation to St. Vincent Ferrer Parish.

How do I get started?

Click on the WeShare button below (this button is also on our Home Page).  The St. Vincent Ferrer Parish secure donation page opens, and you are ready to go.  Just follow the instructions. 

What are my payment choices?

You have several payment choices with WeShare.  You can pay with your credit card or debit card, or you can pay with an electronic withdrawal from your checking or savings account.

What if I want to make a repeating donation once a week or once a month?

No problem!  You select whether you are making a one-time donation or a repeating donation.  You select the day you want to make the donation.  You select how often the donation repeats.

What if I want to change or stop a WeShare donation I previously set up?

With WeShare, you are in the driver’s seat!  You can change or stop any donation that you have scheduled in the future.  You can also change or update your payment information (for example, when you get a new credit card).

Is my WeShare account secure and private?

Yes!  The first time you make a donation, you will be asked to create your secure and private St. Vincent Ferrer WeShare account with a unique user name and password.  The WeShare website is 100% protected with the latest security technology.

Why is St. Vincent Ferrer offering WeShare?

Many people now go on line to make gifts or pay bills.  WeShare offers you a safe, secure and confidential means to donate to SVF Parish or pay tuition.  No checks to write, nothing to mail, nothing is forgotten or lost.  If you decide to make a repeating donation, such as to the Sunday Collection, you have the comfort of knowing that your donation will be made even if you are out of town.  The parish saves money because it doesn’t have to receive, handle, count and deposit checks or cash.

Will I get tax credit for my charitable donation to St. Vincent Ferrer on WeShare?

Absolutely!  Your end of year tax letter will include all donations made using WeShare.  You also will receive an email confirmation of each gift or payment, and you will have a record on your bank or credit card statement.

What if I want to use my checking account or my credit card, but I don’t want to go on line?

Just call the parish office and give your information over the phone.

Can I still donate to St. Vincent Ferrer by check or with cash?

Of course!  WeShare is an option for those who want it, but the traditional methods of giving are still available.

What happens to my church envelopes when I use WeShare?

There is a box on your church envelopes to check if you donate using WeShare.  Just put the empty envelope in the collection basket.  You also can use your envelopes any time for special or additional gifts (Christmas, Easter, Holy Days, etc.).

Does WeShare cost me anything?

WeShare is free.  There is no cost to you to use WeShare.

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